It Happens to the Best of Us.

You’ve just launched your new website or blog and you´ve published images to go along with your great content - Only to be notified that you’ve possibly infringed on somebody else’s copyrights, potentially facing legal action.

The Most Common, Legal Path of Pursuing a Copyright Infringement.

There is no way around it - the copyright holder has a case against you and is seeking reward for his ideas. It usually goes like this:

Did you know that?

About 70% of infringement cases are settled in court?

80% of costs accrued during a licensing dispute are going to lawyers and technical providers, with the actual copyright holders only receiving 20%?

65% of Infringers are more likely to comply if they are offered a simple way to licence images?

Meet ryde, Your Peace-of-Mind Licensing for Copyright Protected Images.

At ryde we know that mistakes happen, especially when it’s about something as complex as usage rights and licensing of creative assets. That’s why we’ve built our platform with you in mind.

We help you to avoid legal issues by settling your looming legal dispute directly with the rights owner. We stop the headache of a copyright case against your business before it starts, by offering you a direct solution. This is how ryde works:

1. Your use of an unlicensed image has been detected by ryde

2. ryde sends a notification to you with a special licensing offer on behalf of the rights holder

3. The matter is immediately settled, avoiding expensive and potentially damaging legal action

Try ryde now and receive a FREE image audit!

We’ll review and analyse your website possible infringements. For those images, we will act on your behalf and negotiate a significant discount.

Clear Your Conscience - With Added Benefits.

Paying a creative for her hard work while enjoying the benefits of custom licensing can feel rewarding - even better when it comes with a few extras!

No Legal Charges

No court letters or calls from collectors. ryde will deal directly with the rights holders of unlicensed images you’ve used.

OneStop Licensing from Hundreds of Creatives

No more searches for single image rights and signing up on multiple platforms - You are only dealing with ryde for your corporate image needs.

Licensing Fees Below Market Rates

Over many years the people behind ryde have developed long-standing relationships and with creatives including the most prominent global photo agencies and so are able to provide highly competitive licensing rates.

No Need to Remove Unlicensed Images

You continue to use the images in question, no payments required.

No Need for Immediate Payment

For those who wish to be represented by ryde we offer an 8 week period before any fees become due

Be an Active Supporter of the Creative Community

Help to insure that the original creator of the work you are publishing receives fair compensation - without the middle man taking 80%!

What People Are Saying About ryde.

Claudia Zähle

Coco Colectivo

We invest time and money in our website, our products, product photography & content. ryde helps us to ensure that other businesses are aware of us as a rights holder on those images and settles all disputes on my behalf, so I can focus on my work.

Thomas Braunagel


ryde approached us very courteously and made us aware of a possible infringement. Through ryde we managed to receive an offer directly from the copyright holder. After compensating the creator of the images, we ended up using her as a Freelancer on various projects!

Magnus Reed


ryde is helping me to keep track of unlicensed use of my imagery across the web. They reach out to the infringer on my behalf, negotiating fair compensation while I can keep focusing on my business.

Did you already receive an offer by ryde?

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